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m people's basic interests in the long run."No research can prove that the meat of d▓og and cat contains higher nutrition. People have been suff▓ering a lot for randomly eating animals. No one can ▓guarantee that the infectious diseases in cats and dog▓s will never be transmi

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tted to human beings," Ge tol▓d the Global Times.A Hubei resident named Xiao Tiantian is ▓also outspoken against eating dog meat, especially since his pet dog was stolen."My dog must have become a vic▓tim of the notorious dog-meat consumption habit in Guangdong," Xiao said.

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"The habit has boosted the business of ▓cashing in on cats and dogs, leading many locals to illeg▓ally catch and ship them to Guangdong in cages. I can't accept that."Not everyone is in favor of the ban, though. Dog and cat meat has been consumed for so long because they ha

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ve their share of fans."If we should ban eating dogs, why not ban eating pork and beef? Securin▓g the lives of many poor people now is much more importa▓nt and urgent," argued Du Quanbin, from Beijing.The manager of Caiji Dog Meat Restaurant in Guangzhou was defiant in tell

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ing the Global Times that "the proposed l▓aw is totally unfeasible here, because eating dogs and cats has been part of the Guangdong culture for so long.▓""I don't believe the draft could be passed, nor w

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ould I change the way we operate our restaurant," he said.And ▓the owner of the Yanjie Xicheng Dog Meat Restaurant ▓in Yanji, Jilin Province, surnamed Piao, told the ▓Global Times that the proposed rule may not have a big i▓mpact on people of Han descent, but it would definitely be bad news

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